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Interview With Caspar

Questions are in bold.
Answers are normal.
Comments are in italics.


1.First off,some personal questions.What is your name,age,where do you live,what are your hobbies,what kind of music do you listen to?

My name is Caspar Milan Nielsen. I am 17 years old and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I like working with computers, especially when it surrounds the creation of a modification such as Firearms. I enjoy all there is about guns and modern warfare since it's one of my big interests. I enjoy being around my friends because they're funny as hell, there ain't nothing like a school day when we're all fucked up :) Which is about everyday now. I do however, not enjoy school. I like to get all drunk and jump around to techno, trance and goa music. Then there's girls, yum cum :)


2.When did you first conceive the idea of Firearms and how has it changed from your original vision of it?

We started work on Firearms Quake 2 back in August 1998. At that time it was only Christian and me. We just wanted to add guns and realism to Quake2, since we loved that. With the change of engine and all the new talented members, we got more organized. Later Firearms became a very ambitious project with all the new ideas flying around. We started out with a very intensive singleplay design document, which later changed to multiplay only, it still exist though, and it might be made afterall.

Dang.Hopefully there will be singleplayer.

3.With the dominance of counter-strike over the mod scene how well do you think Firearms will compete?

I am actually pretty excited to see what will happen. Firearms lands in the same category as Action Half-Life and Counter-Strike, so as far as competition goes, it has some pretty big competitors, if that is what you want to call them. Don't forgot all the others, yet splendid modifications in progress, Gunman and Sherman Project to mention a few.

Gunman looks sweet.

4.What new features other then the ones mentioned before will be in the first release of Firearms?

All of them mentioned on site and a few ones we do not wish to talk about. Sorry.


5.What state is Firearms in now and how much longer do you expect it to be?

Firearms is in a highly playable state. It still lacks in certain areas, which we do wish to get done before we decide to release it. Our 3D artists are working very hard on the visuals and they're all about to be fully done anytime soon. Our programmers are likewise working very hard on the teamplay rules. They're about 50 % done. As I said, these things need to get done in order for us to release Firearms. And yes, they are getting done.

50%?Thats all!?

6.Why dont you release public betas and keep people happy instead of waiting for the final release?(thanks Zeke)

Even if we decided to release a beta, it would just be more work then we have now. Because when you release something you need to support it. Supporting and developing is a hard task when you're not working full time. We rather just get it done.


7.What problems have you encountered during the making of Firearms?

Lack of progress. That is clearly what has effected this modification most. We have had many uptimes and downtimes. Right now we're better then ever and we'll stay that way for sure.

Yes.You've seemed to have made lots of progress lately.

8.What other games/mods do you play other then Firearms and Half-Life?

Firearms, Jagged Alliance 2, Total Annihilation and Quake 1 is my favorites games and the ones I play most often. I highly enjoy Team Fortress, Reaper Bot and Navy Seals for Quake 1. I don't get around to play many games these days, it sucks ass.

Well i play none of those, so no comment.

9.Whats your favorite gun and why?

My favorite weapon in Firearms would be the G3A3, because it's a high caliber weapon and it has a useful flashlight.

I think the akimbo M11s are gonna be popular.

10.What are the map scenarios like and which is your favorite one so far?

There are all kinds of different environments. Small towns, arctic places, boats, security buildings, military complexes, warehouses and lovely outdoors. I prefer warehouses as I love those direct short shootouts. To add. There is two different ways to make Firearms maps. They're all explained nicely at our web-site. We love custom created maps you know :)

Looking forward to some intresting maps.

11.Will there ever be a single player Firearms for Half-Life?

Maybe. Only time will tell.

Oh well,most people usually end up addicted to multiplayer anyways.

12.Do you think Firearms will ever be ported to another game engine and if so which one would you prefer?

No I don't think that it's very likely. It's more fun to create something new instead of just an port.

I'd like to see it on TF2 someday.

13.Do you have any future career plans?

Nope. I just want to finish school and see where that brings me.

Good luck.

14.Is Rossimo gay or is it just a rumor?(thanks Zeke)

Not true. Ross enjoys the company naked womens. Trust me.

Well im not to sure about that...

15.Watcha wearin' and would you fancy a shagg?(thanks Chaz)

I am wearing home made panties, you fancy a couple ? :)

Nope,but i heard CoN is into that sorta thing if ya know what i mean ; )

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