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Version .21 by William Nill

Table Of Contents

1 - Introduction
2 - Basic Game Information

2.1 - What is FireArms?
2.2 - Singleplay
2.3 - Singleplay Story
2.4 - Multiplay
3. - Gameplay Information
3.1 - Starting
3.2 - Credit System
3.3 - Teamplay
3.3.1 - Capture the Intelligence
3.4 - Movement and Firing
3.5 - Reloading
3.6 - Damage System
3.6.1 - Head Shots
3.6.2 - Arm Shots
3.6.3 - Torso Shots
3.6.4 - Leg Shots
3.6.5 - Bleeding and Bandaging
3.6.6 - Lose of Limbs
3.7 - Weapon Accuracy
3.8 - Ammo Boxes

4. - Small Q&A
5. - Credits


Welcome to the FireArms FAQ. The purpose of this FAQ will be to further clarify information about FireArms up until and after it's release.

The setup of this FAQ is a little unorthodox, however, I feel that it allows for greater readability. The first part of each section will offer a complete explanation of the topic, following that will be standard Questions & Answers.

On with the show...



Before anything else, let me get a few things straight. I will do this in the form of Q&A.

Q. When will FireArms be released?
A. When it's done.

Q. When will you release a beta?
A. We're trying to get a fully functional game out, which means no public betas.

Q. Can I help you test this really cool mod out?
A. No we're not looking for beta testers.

Q. Why do you hate the fans?
A. We don't hate the fans, we love the fans, they offer support and good suggestions. They're what keeps us going exepct seeing the mod coming together. What we don't like are people that complain as if they shelled out $50 for it and want it done NOW!

Q. Why is WhiteCloud such a moron?
A. We don't know, but he does add an odd glow to the message boards. We think it might have something to do with nuclear radiation.

I know that it seems out of place, however, we get tired of hearing the same damn questions over and over and over...

You get the point.



FireArms is a modification for Valve Software's great game Half-Life. With FireArms we're creating a realistic modification that will be both entertaining and cool. FireArms will feature singleplay, teamplay, variants of teamplay. The download will be about 20-30 Megs, so those of you with 56k connections better pack a lunch.

The gameplay will be altered in many ways; it will be very realistic but still remain fun.

Basic features in the initial release:
- new teamplay rules & features
- new flexible class system
- new mapping entities
- driveable vehicles
- new textures
- new sounds
- new skins
- new models
- new graphics
- lots of new levels
- new player models
- twenty seven new weapons
- new gameplay rules & features



In FireArms singleplay you play the role of Ezekiel Sawyer (Just like Gordon Freeman in Half-Life), you're an professional soldier with many years of experience. You run a private international security company.

However, singleplay will be delayed in order to put maximum effort in to a quicker multiplay release.

More information later...



It's been a long day. Running a private international security company has been hectic, especially of late. Civil wars, terrorist bombings, threats against important people, and stolen chemicals have all led to lots of business, lots of clients, and no time to relax.

You unlock the front door to your house and drag your luggage inside. A few steps and you pass by your office. As expected, the red light on your answering machine is blinking on and off. Throwing your oft-stamped passport on the desk, you hit the play button on the machine and begin unpacking.

The messages are all the usual stuff: the stock broker, the angry woman you'll never see again because you missed a date, and your old military buddies looking to get together again. But one message catches your ear as you hang your suit in the closet:

"This is General Rathum. I'm calling from a pay phone, and I think you know what that means. I need your help. I really can't use anyone on the inside. Meet me tonight in the basement of that place where we all celebrated our return from Desert Storm."

You haven't heard from Rathum since you left the service 4 years ago, but you know the place he's talking about: The Catalina Club. You rub your eyes and look at your watch:

3:00pm. "At least I can get a little sleep in." You lay on your bed, trying to imagine what Rathum could possibly want. "Calling from a pay phone?" A thousand scenarios dance through your head, but an uneasy sleep finally claims you.

Eight hours later, you find yourself going in the service entrance of the run-down club. In the background, you can hear cheap speakers cranking out stale country music. You descend concrete stairs lit by a single bulb hanging from an worn wire. The basement is nothing more than a large square concrete room filled with the flotsam and jetsam of the club: empty boxes, trash, and crates of toilet paper, napkins, and table decorations.

"Glad you could make it." Rathum stands. He's dressed casually, and his face looks worried and tired.

"Well, you look bad. Why am I here?" You ask curtly.

"You were always direct. Sit down, and I'll tell you." You scoot up a sturdy looking box and sit down. The general lights up a cigarette.

"Two weeks ago I got a letter across my desk, anonymous, from somebody that works at disposing old equipment and hazardous materials. He says that every month or so a shipment won't come in. When he goes to check the computer, the shipment is gone.

"As you well know, some of the junk that goes through there is dangerous. I was worried, but had no proof anyone was stealing the stuff. Well, yesterday, I get another letter that a truck is going to show up at a factory around midnight tomorrow.

"Now, this is an inside job, and I still got no proof other than a couple of letters that could be from some lunatic. I've got a feeling, though, that there is something to this. I can't use my guys for fear of tipping off whoever it is. So I called you. I know you've got the skills, a gun collection to die for, and...

"It's the TIME I don't have," you answer testily.

"Yes, well I'll make it worth your while. You name what you want. Money, classified information, a date with my daughter, whatever. You'll get it. All you need to do is sneak in there, find out who's involved, what's involved, and report to me. Proof would be nice, too. I hope it's nothing."

"And I name my price?" You ask.


"Well, then I suppose I could do this one for you. You got a picture of your daughter?" The General smiles.

"Here's the address." He hands you a napkin with the address scrawled on it. Stamping out his cigarette, he turns to go. "One more thing. Be sure to burn the tape in your phone machine. I guess you knew that."

You wave good-bye. "Actually," you murmur to yourself, "I didn't.".



Multiplay will consist of teamplay and CTI teamplay. Teamplay however, will be a little different than the basic teamplay rules. The gameplay will be fast paced while still being realistic.

In FireArms teamplay you're a part of a large military force know as Red or Blue. You decide what force you want to join, when connected to a server. Against each other, forces launch many different attacks, which stretch over all of the multiplayer levels in FireArms. Some attacks have other objectives then just total elimination of the opposing force as well as their reinforcements. You'll be fighting in arctic places, boats, high complex security buildings as well as outdoors and cities.

FireArms will have support for regular deathmatch in its first release; however, it is not likely that any official deathmatch maps will be released. But the mapping specs are online, so get out there and make some kickass deathmatch maps.




When entering a singleplay, teamplay or deathmatch game session you will be presented with a menu where you have to choose armor, items and weapons. All of them will cost a certain amount of credits. When you respawn you will be re-outfitted with that armor and weapon configuration throughout the game. You will be able to change your weapon configuration whenever you want, however, it will not take effect until the next time your respawn. Each time that you respawn you will be given full ammo for all the weapons that you are carrying. See AMMO BOXES for more.



Everyone has the same set amount of credits per life. The more you spend on armor, the less you have for guns. This method of "buying" weapons, assures that someone entering late, has just as good a chance as someone that has been in the game for 2 hours. Think of the credits more as weight than money. Each weapon "weights" a certain amount. When you encounter a weapon that someone has dropped, you may pick it up only if you have enough credits for that gun. If you do not, you must first discard other guns in order to free up credits.



Each team will start out with a specified number of lives, or respawns, when a team member dies he will come right back in to play, decreasing the number of team lives by one. When a team runs out of lives, they lose that round. There will also be variations of the normal teamplay rules.



The initial variation of the teamplay rules in the first release will be called "Capture the Intelligence". It is played similar to Capture the Flag. The objective will be for the Red Team to infiltrate the Blue Team's, secure a briefcase filled with confidential information, and bring it back to their base; and vise versa.

Because it is based on code called "Capture the Item", mappers are able to set any item to be the target for capture. Thus allowing for very varied gameplay. For instance, you could have warring police squads fighting over a box of doughnuts at a doughnut shop in the middle of a city. Once again, get on the ball you mappers.



When moving forward you will move at full speed, when strafing or walking backwards you will only move at half speed. You will only have crosshairs when standing still or turning. The rest of the time, you will be forced to fire without the aid of crosshairs. This alone should drastically reduce the number of players running around and jumping like monkeys while firing with deadly accuracy. On top of that, if you are shot while in the air, there is an 80% chance that you will fall flat on your ass. The time you a on the ground depends on the type of round you were hit with, i.e. a 9mm isn't too bad, but a .50BMG will keep you DOWN. Movement and Damage also affects your accuracy. See WEAPON ACCURACY and DAMAGE SYSTEM for more info.



When you reload an empty clip it is discarded. When you remove a clip with ammo still in it, it will be put back into your inventory with that many rounds left in it. When you no longer have any full clips left in your inventory you will start to use the clips with left over rounds in them.



The damage system in FireArms is currently one of the most realistic out there. There are currently 4 hit locations: Head, Legs, Torso, and Arms.


When you are hit in the head you will receive 5X damage, being that the least damaging round takes off 20 health it makes it impossible to sustain a head shot with out a helmet. Even with a helmet you will still take major damage and you will only be able to take a few small rounds before going down. However, larger caliber rounds have no trouble going though helmets.


When you are hit in the arm you will sustain loss of accuracy until you bandage.


Getting hit in the torso does nothing other than hurt like hell.


Getting hit in the legs will hinder you movement until you bandage. If you sustain enough damage to you legs, you will only be able to crawl in prone mode.


No matter where you are hit, you will bleed to death if you do not bandage yourself. When you are hit you will be able to bandage. While bandaging you will have to put your weapon down, it usually take about 3-5 seconds to complete. You are only allowed to carry a certain number of bandages at a time, so use them wisely.


If you are hit with a large caliber round in your leg, arm, or head, it will be blown off and you will die shortly there after.



Basically each weapon has a base accuracy value from 0-15. This value is adjusted based on whether the player is crouching, prone, standing, moving, or jumping. How much it is adjusted also varies for each weapon. Heavier or hard-to-handle weapons will be adjusted more. Furthermore, movement and arm injuries will cause an additional penalty.

Here are some typical values (still being tweaked) for the base index and adjustment multiplier:

Barrett M-82: base 5, gain 3
Beretta 92F: base 4, gain 1
Colt M-16: base 8, gain 2

What these numbers mean is the size of the cone of fire. So, for the M-16 standing there is an 8 degree cone extending outward from the end of the barrel. Each time the weapon is fired, a bullet is randomly placed somewhere within that 8 degree cone.

The gain is the number of degrees that are subtracted from the base when you are prone. When you are crouched the accuracy cone will be some where between standing and crouching. When you are jumping the gain is approximately the number of degrees that are added to your accuracy cone. When you are running or walking the accuracy cone will be somewhere between standing and jumping.

So firing an M-16 while standing will yield an accuracy of 8, while crouching with the it will be an accuracy of 6 and while jumping it will be an accuracy cone of approximately 10.



In FireArms, ammo costs nothing, it is in ammo boxes near your spawn point in your base. To use it you have to turn around and hold down use to get ammo out of the box, while you are doing so is a perfect opportunity to get fragged. On top of that, if an ammo box sustains enough damage, the munitions will catch on fire and it will explode, causing massive damage to any surrounding players. The ammo box will respawn in a time set by the creator of the map.



Q. Can you add gun X? It's really cool
A. No, as much as you may like your Daisy BB gun, it serves no purpose in the real world

Q. Why don't you have a BFG?
A. We already have an M60

Q. How do you pronounce Stielhandgranate?
A. I have no idea
A2. It is pronounced STEEL-HANT-GRA-NATE.
(Kenneth Ostlund)



* Caspar and the whole FA gang
* All the message board monkeys
* BigDog, for putting the smack down on WhiteCloud
* High-speed Internet access
* The opposite gender.


* Caffeine


Content © of their Original Authors and may not be reproduced with out their written consent.

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