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About the Firearms Mod

Taken from the Firearms Website:

FireArms is a modification for Valve Software's great game Half-Life. With FireArms we're creating a realistic modification that will be both entertaining and cool. We're recreating realistic weapons and altering the Half-Life gameplay, so that it will be realistic, but still highly playable. 

That is of course not all we are doing, we're also adding bunch of gameplay features as well as new player models and sounds. If you're interested check out the complete feature list below. 

- new teamplay rules & features
- new flexible class system
- new mapping entities
- new textures
- parachuting
- new sounds
- new skins
- new models
- new graphics
- lots of new levels
- new player models
- twenty seven new weapons
- new gameplay rules & features

FireArms is non-commercial product, which means it's free and it will be downloadable on this site, when it's done. It also means that we don't get paid for our work. 

A policy we kept through out the whole development was that we would release one full version, but due to lack of progress with singleplayer we have decided to release a multiplayer version, which features all things planned, except the singleplayer campaign. The multiplayer version will be released when it's done. 

There are currently no people working on our singleplayer and if it continues that way, the final version will never be released. Plans are, after the release of the multiplayer version, we'll continue to support the mod, which means, releasing patches, map packs, weapon packs and so on, whatever pleases our supporters. 

In FireArms singleplayer you play the role of Ezekiel Sawyer (Just like Gordon Freeman in Half-Life), you're an professional soldier with many years of experience. You run a private international security company. If you want to check out the whole story, then visit the FireArms Online Manual

In FireArms multiplayer you're a part of a large military force, know as Red or Blue. You decide what force you want to join, when connected to a server. Against each other, forces launches many different attacks, which stretches over all multiplayer levels in FireArms. Some attacks have other objectives then just total elimination of the opposing force as well as their reinforcements. In FireArms you'll be playing and exploring in all kinds of environments. Small towns, arctic places, boats, security buildings, military complexes, warehouses and the lovely outdoors.. 

It's a very good idea to follow the main page, because it will have all the latest news about FireArms and misc development issues. If you have anything you want us to hear, then please visit the FA Forums and post your firearms related questions or topic. 


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